What a cruddy way to kick off a new decade :(  Now that things have carefully started to open back up, we are optimistic about having small group classes (indoor or outdoor) of 10 people or less.  We have also been teaching online painting classes, which we will continue to offer (both private and public events). Please let us know if you would like to book a class with the Pigeons!



The HOT Pigeon is a completely mobile interactive arts business bringing creative workshops to your home or you can find (or suggest) a pop up event in your local area.

Much more than a "paint n' sip", not as intimidating as an "art class". 

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at some type of art but intimidation and anxiety set in. You Tube and Blogs make it look easy, but....

Where do you begin.

Correct supply list?


Where to set up?

Clean up?


The TIME! Where do I find the time for it all?


We'll bring it all, set it up, run a fun/themed workshop. You get to learn, laugh, meet people, be loose, carefree and creative. 

All without overspending on supplies you don't need, following directions thru a video on your phone, doing it alone without help, finding out if you even like it!


Letting us deal with any mess.

Proper set up and Clean up is all included.

We love to gather people and create a fun atmosphere for finding your artist within. NO artistic talent needed!


We fly to you or your local area with awesome events.


Set us up at your establishment and we work with you marketing and getting noticed by bigger crowds on those slower days.

Our MOST POPULAR EVENT is our Silk Marbling. Go to the page and check it out. Watch for events in your area on Event Page. 

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